2019 Beauty Wins I’m Taking Into 2020

Beauty Tips for 2020 & Beyond

Make Up Artist Victoria Farr

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HELLO 2020!

Well well, here we are! New Year, new decade and yes, I’m the kind of weirdo who loves January!  I’m happy to steer off the fizz and cheese for a few weeks and to get my teeth into my business for the forthcoming year and looking ahead to 2021.  I’m not really one for looking back or to have regrets, but I do like to review things, make necessary adjustments and improvements within my home and work life.

One of my fave phrases is that, ‘every day’s a school day’ and I truly believe this.  Whether this is in business, how I approach my yoga stretches and even more so with my skin.  As I’m most definitely now in a new ‘tick box’ age, it’s bloody hard I tell you, who the hell wants to have more lines, thread veins and wrinkly bits.

I’ll tell you a little story.  I love my 4 year old niece with all of my heart, but she cut to the bone a little recently when she asked ‘Auntie Didee (she couldn’t say Vicki as a toddler and it’s kinda stuck) what are those things on your neck’ – WOAH my little love bud, those are lines…..who needs enemies hey?!

I jest!  I’m all for loving the skin you’re in but if you ain’t quite so happy about something, then have a bash at making it a little easier.  I’m not saying go to a Eastern European country and come back looking like a totally different person, far from it.  But if it’s using a different way to cleanse or try a new facial, then crack on! (Do your research though!)

There’s nothing more I love than is to test new products and again, make improvements in all areas of my life and I thought I’d shared with you my golden nuggets I learned in 2019 and what I’m taking into 2020 and beyond my loves!

Environmentally friendly Bamboo Cotton Pads

I changed over at the start of the year with these bad boys (check my post here!) and my goodness, my eyes (and the environment) has appreciated this move.  These soft and gentle eye make up remover pads are amazing and get a HUGE thumbs up from me.   I use a clean one every time I remove my eye make up, then when the week’s out I throw into the wash (it comes with a little bag to keep them all in too) along with my wash cloths, which I use for the rest of my face.  I wrote a little post back in 2016 about my change to these, so if you want to read about that then CLICK HERE. Once they’re washed, I pop them on the radiator to air dry and then pop them in my drawer for next use.

These are the ones that I bought from Amazon – excellent value and still going strong!

I’ve also ditched the non recyclable paper cotton buds in my kit and personal use, every little bit helps right?!

Facial Sunscreen is NOT just for the beach

Now if you’ve had a read of The Journal over the last year or so, you’ll have seen that I was heavily testing facial sunscreens.  My three faves were, Dr Sam Bunting Flawless Daily Sunscreen, Khiels Ultra Light Daily UV Defense and the final one that I tested (and not wrote about, sorry!) is the Heliocare 360 Gel Oil Free Sunscreen.

I am very happy to say that I am a convert into using one of these in my daily skincare routine.  Happy to report there have been no outbreaks or changes in my skin by using any one of them on top of my skincare and under my make up (if I’m wearing it).

Make up containing SPF is just not enough and using a specific sunscreen with factor 50 is going to help the ageing process (le sigh) as well as reduce our exposure to UVA and UVB which are harmful to the skin.

This one is a MUST, makes complete sense and makes no difference to your make up and make you look younger for longer! YAY!


No this is not me….but I’m working on my back bend!

I started back at my beloved yoga last year too and I missed it so flippin’ much!  I stopped for various reasons, but my wellbeing has definitely benefited from getting my namaste game back on.  Plus I really want to be able to do the splits (personal 2020 goal right there!) Walking regularly, especially when I’ve been in the office all day or whether I’m hitting the gym to strengthen my stick legs and poor core ready for my 2020 snowboarding adventures, I’m on it in 2020!

So my loves, I encourage you to move your body in some way or another and to quote my mate Jay Bell (PT and all round amazing inspiring bloke) #dontbeaslug.  Love that!


Ok, so as a girl with normal to dry/dehydrated skin I need something that doesn’t make my skin squeak after cleansing.  I’ve used Evolve’s Cleanser for well over a year now and I was working with a new skincare brand My Bemora over the Summer and I was testing some of their products in preparation for the project.

One of the products was their facial oil to milk cleanser and i’ve never used an oil to remove my make up or cleanse the face before.  I was pleasantly surprised at how clean and nourished my face felt.  Didn’t feel tight or screaming for moisture and because it converted to a ‘milk’ when infused with water, it didn’t leave a residue or give me an outbreak.

There are lots of facial oils out there or cleansing milks and balms which all sound really scary especially if you have comogenic or problematic skin, but if you fancy giving it a bash I would recommend it!  I’ve just converted my lovely sister to this form of cleanser and she’s really happy with it (she’s has problematic skin and had young teenage acne).


So the last couple of months, I’ve tried two new treatments.  One of which I’ve shared on my Instagram highlights; Dermaplaning was a gift from my best friend Jo last Christmas and the other I’ve yet to share with you all.  So keep your eyes peeled for that.

Dermaplaning was a lovely treatment to have, I particularly enjoyed the face mask at the end.  As I outlined on my Insta stories, it’s not a treatment I would have on a regular basis, but perhaps something I would look to have again for a special occasion.  I didn’t see a long term advantage to having it done regularly, the fluffy hair grew back and the skin was a little bumpy around week 2.  My make up did however, glide on beautifully the few days that followed.

I’d most definitely say to do your research and don’t rush into anything, but if there’s something you’re not quite happy about, you can look to do something about it.  Whether that’s your open pores, thread veins (my next topic!) or need your skin a look little more plumper (another topic!).  There’s new techniques and treatments happening all the time.  I’m not saying go and get botox and fillers but explore other options.

I’m looking to explore the wonder of Face Gym and facial acupuncture in 2020 which can help with all kinds of skin issues; reduce the affects of sun damage, loss of collagen and maintain elasticity and muscle tone.


If you’re still using face wipes – what are you doing??!! Time to wave bye bye, your face and landfill will thank you for it, I promise!

You know I’m here if you need any beauty help or if you fancy booking a beauty masterclass, drop me a message.  Getting hitched? We can chat about your wedding make up, or check my availability NOW or to book your FREE consultation you can do that here.

See you again soon!

Much love

Vick x

This is not an ad or any affiliated links.  I purchased the items myself (except My Bemora and it’s not an ad) and this is purely based on my own opinion and experience of the products on my skin.


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