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To anyone who knows me as a Yorkshire Wedding Make Up Artist, I look for the positive in most situations, even if I hang onto the negative for a minute or two. This year, however, really took all my energy to see some good in this awful situation we’re all faced with. But I did, just like we all did and I’m sharing it with you here in my 2020 end of year journal entry.

Grab yourselves a cuppa…..

4TH & Final wedding of 2020 – Claire & Rhyan – Middleton Lodge – Neil Jackson Photography

Having said that, I do love January, the feel and energy of a brand new year! It’s not because I want the previous year to end or that I hated it. No no no my friends! I don’t know what it is, maybe it’s the excitement of things that are to come, plans coming together and wondering what the year will bring both professionally and in my personal life.  When I think back about how I felt this time last year, I was looking forward to a full on year with weddings, throwing myself around the Glastonbury festival and a destination wedding in Italy, were just a few of the things to get that fire in my belly going!

Whilst I know that we have all had some low times this year, and we’re not out of the woods just yet. I wanted to make sure I took the time to reflect on what went down and what I’m grateful for, cos that’s the kinda girl I am!

So, here we go!

Workin…..or not as the case may be

The year began with an epic trip to Austria with lovely Kate from The Destination Wedding Co and my best buddy Shelly from Toast of Leeds.  A beautiful collaboration with an incredible team in the Austrian alps.  Snowy backdrops, intimate elopement vibes and a few hours snowboarding we’re crammed in too!

I wrote all about my inspiration for our bride’s elopement make up and hair styling right HERE, along with lots more winter wedding goodness.

Austria Wedding Photographer Toast of Leeds & Destination Wedding Planner – The Destination Wedding Co

With this trip I could just feel the excitement of the year to come.  Little did I know that I would end the year with just 4 weddings completed.

I know that 2020 has been tough for every one of us in some way or another, pretty much all of my brides postponing their weddings to 2021 and even 2022 in some cases and a few that have had to cancel their wedding’s indefinitely.  It was also upsetting that I had to wave goodbye to a few of my bookings, as I was unable to move over to their new dates, due to being booked already. 

So back to those 4 weddings I did get chance to do, which was wonderful! Claire & Rhyan were due to marry in the Summer and their faith and determination finally shone with their third wedding date of 20th December went ahead at Middleton Lodge. So so happy for you both! I’ve shared a few more beautiful images on my blog post for them HERE if you’d like to see Claire’s bridal beauty look up close.

Neil Jackson Photography

The wedding industry and the Close Contact Beauty Industry was hit hard and I was unable to work from mid March until the middle of August. This was crushing not only from a creative point of view but financially too.  Thankfully, I did receive some help from the Government with their grant system which helped pay the mortgage and to keep ticking along.

But I do have a good business model and streamline my spends (hello You Need A Budget) and I am so very grateful that I am still here, surviving, despite just a tiny fraction of income coming in from new bookings and the few weddings I was able to do. Also, some commercial work that I was allowed to do, kept me fluid and creative! 

Thank you to everyone who has trusted me to work with them on their big day in 2021 and in 2022, I’m so excited to be working with you!

Team Work Makes The Dream Work!

Being able to collaborate with some of my industry pals was amazing this year and I am so grateful for those opportunities to be able to wave my creative wand (complete with PPE).

Harrogate Wedding Venue Wharfedale Grange with Toast of Leeds Photography

Working with Claire from Wharfedale Grange and her team with my buddy Shelly once again from Toast of Leeds was a highlight of my Summer! I was amazed at what we created! Super proud of this team work! Swoon over more of Shelly’s images and what we got up to last Summer RIGHT HERE along with all the inspiration on the boho hair and soft smokey make up look I created. After several months of not working, I was happy to be back in the game – PPE and all!

Zach & Grace Photography with Rolling in the Roses Bridal Collection

Another fave time of the year was when I was over the moon to work with the epic Hayley from Glory Days Bridal. Invited along to join the photoshoot with Zach & Grace for her latest collection. I’m humbled at how Hayley trusts me with her brief and after seeing how all this came together knocked for six! What a team!! Adore these editorial vibe images over on the Journal HERE.

I’ve also worked on my office systems, took the time to read personal and business development books and also gained a sun tan from the May sunshine in my garden, surrounded by beautiful flowers I had planted earlier in the Spring!

Home life & things to be grateful for

February kicked in with my annual snowboarding trip to Andorra with all my fave snowboarding people. Not looking likely a 2021 trip will be happening sadly, so I’m grateful we managed to get over in 2020. March involved a weekend away at Centre Parcs for my sister’s 40th Birthday just before lockdown, which was lovely to be able to celebrate with her. 

My love life flourished and continues to do so, despite the challenges of a long distance relationship as well as travel restrictions and Covid, we’re happy and strong and excited for adventures to come. We managed to get together over the Summer around lockdown and restrictions by exploring Northumberland and the magic of seeing the stars at Kielder National Forest. We also headed to France in the Autumn and enjoyed a road trip down to Toulouse! I was hopeful that we would be able to spend Christmas and January/February together but sadly was not to be. France closing its borders just 6 hours before I was due to fly. So now we wait and see.  Absence makes the heart grow fonder they say.

I’m grateful for many things, and by far one of those is the support of my family, my bubble, my rock.  Without them, I have no idea what the year could have brought.  Flying my parents back from Spain before lockdown in March was the best decision we made.  Having my parents here with me was tricky and I’m sure they would agree it’s not their ideal situation either, but we looked after one another. Such legends they are, by filling the fridge, Dad helped with jobs (big and small) around the house and well, I’m lucky that I wasn’t on my own for several months too. I know not everyone was as fortunate as that.

Another huge blow was not seeing my sister and my niece and nephew for nearly 3 months, but we do what we have to do to keep each other safe, right?   I’m grateful that we have formed our own little bubble, we’ve grown closer as a family and taken joy in the simplest of things including wellie walks and hot chocolates smiles.

So what’s now, Yorkshire Wedding Make Up Artist?

It’s been interesting to see what and who are important and where to focus my attention for this year.  The space in 2020 has allowed me to work on my business, take time at home and enjoy my garden during the Spring and Summer months which I never really get the chance to do.  More importantly, I have really thought about what I actually want going forward for my clients and myself.

I am lucky! Really lucky! I have my health and my family and so grateful that my sister who had Covid in the Autumn was strong and resilient and recovered with full health in November.  I have remained in business and with some additional help from the Government, I have survived and feel like I am continuing to thrive right now too!

My business has remained strong during a global pandemic and remains at the very heart of soul of my day but I’m excited for what the future holds both professionally and personally.

With a jam packed diary full of weddings for 2021 this Yorkshire Wedding Make Up Artist is a happy bunny and the hope of being able to travel again some time soon, I’m definitely looking forward to the year ahead.  I hope you can too!

Much Love

Vick x

If you’re having a wedding in Yorkshire or anywhere else or getting hitched overseas, get in touch www.victoriafarr.co.uk.  If you’d like to find out more on my wedding work click here.  Or, if you want to check my availability get in touch.   Plus, see what I get up to on Facebook and Instagram.  as a Yorkshire Wedding Make Up Artist I work all over Yorkshire and overseas for destination weddings so drop me a message. I’d love to hear all about your plans.

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Middleton Lodge Winter Wedding

Middleton Lodge Winter Wedding

An Intimate Winter Wedding was not on the cards for Claire and Rhyan. In fact is was their intention to marry in the Summer of 2020 surrounded by all their friends and family.

Despite two postponements, lady luck finally shone for them at Middleton Lodge on 20th December 2020.

A Winter Elopement – Lake Achensee, Austria

A Winter Elopement – Lake Achensee, Austria

Being a Destination Make Up Artist has many joys and this is one of them!

Grabbing my passport and my kit, I’m so flippin’ grateful I get to call this work, especially when I get to take my snow boots too.


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