5 Things You Need To Do in January

New Year, New You?


New Year resolutions and New Year, New You shizzle, not sure I actually believe in them, which is maybe a good thing, as it’s almost the end of the month!

What I do love though is good old clear out of all my products and maybe try something new for the coming year, just to spice things up a bit.  Refresh on the hair cut maybe or give that new lipstick that I’ve had in my make up bag for a few weeks some lovin’.

New Year Make Up Resolutions Victoria Farr


So rather than the ‘New Year, New You’ kind of thing, which is slightly cliche, because, well you’re a bit bloody lovely all year round really!  I thought we could start the year strong with 5 things to kick start a better year of looking after your gorgeous self!

Keep your eyes peeled for my quick fire tips each month and I’d love to know how you get on!


Make Up Bag Clear Out


I’ll be honest, make up bags house many things!  I’ve yet to meet someone who doesn’t own a lip gloss that smell a little ‘off’ or maybe an eye liner pencil that’s worn down that much it no longer fits in the sharpener.   One of my personal fave’s is a beauty counter freebie when you last purchased your moisturiser.  ‘No lovie, you don’t need to keep that blue mascara because ‘it brings out your eyes”.

Unless, you’re heading to an 80’s fancy dress any time soon.

When I meet ladies on my make up masterclasses, there are several items that immediately hit the bin.  Whether is the shimmery lilac eye shadow that you’ve had since your teens or the liquid eyeliner you thought you’d try and perfect when you for the Christmas party.  If you’re not using it now or certainly on a regular basis, then you’ll never will!

Be gone the products that don’t make you feel good!

Not sure where to begin and need a hand? Give me a shout and ask me about my Make Up Masterclasses.

Clean your make up brushes

Cos no one wants ‘pink eye’!

I read somewhere that a woman contracted a ‘staph’ infection (don’t google that if you’ve just eaten dinner) from sharing unclean make up brushes.  Sadly it left her paralysed in her arms and legs, holy moly! Now if that doesn’t encourage you to clean your brushes, then I don’t know what will.

Clean brushes will help your make up glide on better and blend your eye shadow beautifully.  Also, it will help your brushes live longer, so a win win I say!

You don’t need any fancy brush cleaners, simple baby shampoo is quite sufficient to wash your brushes.  For brushes that have oil based products on them (foundation/lip brushes) I used a little olive oil or eye make up remover to release the product and then wash thoroughly with the baby shampoo.  Make sure you let them dry naturally, all the bristles are facing the right way (perhaps over a work surface) and they’ll be good as new!

If you want to treat yourself to a new set of brushes, check out my post on my top 5 must haves!

Wipes are for baby’s poop

Yes yes, its a cracked record I know, but I could not be more passionate about ditching the face wipes!  I wrote a post all about it back in April 2016, which you should take a look at. 

Fair enough if you’re a Glasto girl and this is the only thing you have to ‘clean’ your face over a 4 day festival (yes I use them, this one and only time) but long term, no, just no.  A piece of material that has some cleansing water (micellar water kinda thing) cannot cleanse the face thoroughly and really get down and dirty.  So please for 2019, ditch them and show your face some love!

Replace with a simple wash cloth and a cleanser, like I outline in my blog post and voila, your skin will thank you for it, I promise!  Plus your make up will go on better and skin looks more refreshed.

Use a clean cloth every time you cleanse.  Primark sell them for just a few pounds for a pack of 4, so you can keep several at the ready and throw them in the wash once a week!

Here are my quick and simple tips;

  • Use the cleanser on dry skin (unless the product specifically needs water to emulsify), massage well and really work it into the skin, take your time.
  • Have warm water running from the tap to wash the hands and then dampen the wash cloth, ring out and place on the face and remove the product, including the neck area.
  • Never fill the bowl with water and dunk the cloth into it – always have clean fresh water.
  • Double cleanse if necessary (ie wearing heavy foundation or sun screen), then moisturise as normal

New Year New You


Hair Love

So now, you have a freshly cleansed face, why not continue and give your locks some love by apply a hair mask.  I’ve recently started to use Olaplex Hair Perfector and it is to die for!

Professionally dyed hair or using heat on a regular basis?  Then you should definitely give this a bash.  It repairs the hair bonds which are compromised with colour treatments and heat damage.  So making the hair stronger and healthier.  Leave it on over night or as a pre shampoo treatment.  My fave is to leave it on overnight or whilst I’m watching a movie on my Sunday night chill.

Your hair salon should sell this but if not, Cult Beauty are stockists 


Change It Up!

Just for fun, let’s all try one new thing in our make up routine, hey?

Here’s a few ideas to get you started;

  • New Lipstick Colour – If you’re going stronger with a red or pink lip, pat the colour onto the lips to start with, which will be more like a stain effect and a gentle way to introduce a different colour.  Then build up each time you wear it or if you prefer it as a more subtle look, all the better.
  • Brown mascara wearers – try black instead.  My kit staple and personal fave in my own make up bag is Max Factor Masterpiece in waterproof. Budge proof and no clumps!
  • A pop of colour on the cheeks.  I come across a lot of women who use just a bronzer to add some colour to their cheeks, so lets change it up and use a pop of colour, a nice shade of pink brightens up almost every skin tone and a personal fave is the Nars Orgasm shade, which pretty much works on every single lady I work with, as it a pinky peach colour.

New Year New Make Up

So there we go!

My tips you can get cracking with for the New Year, I’ll be back again next month with some more ideas!  If you need any help or if you fancy booking your own masterclass, drop me a message.

Let me know how you get on.

Much love!

Vick x





  1. Janet

    Just having a gin…..while reading this and now heading to my make up bag to ditch the baby pink lipstick that came in a set and was never used. Love reading your blogs while trying to think of another reason to book another of your make up master classes😘.

    • Victoria

      Hey Janet!
      Gin is always good! Hurrah for ditching the lippy you’ve never used too and we should have a masterclass refresh sometime, don’t you think? Maybe with gin? Take good care lovely x


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