Difficult Roads Often Lead to Beautiful Destinations

It’s 8.55am on Wednesday 19th June 2013 and I’m staring at my freshly brewed cup of tea daring myself to press send on my keyboard…what am I doing? Feeling sick with anxiety and what felt like the weight of the world on my shoulders at what could potentially happen in the next few minutes.


I’d done it and waited for the response.

My manager called my direct line after just 10 minutes and the conversation lasted even less, so that was it, no going back.  My leaving date was the day before my 35th Birthday (20th July) and I would leave financial planning for good, a profession I have known and worked in for 18 happy years.  But I was determined to not be in a job (I grew to hate) when I was 35 and realising that by working two full time jobs something would suffer, mainly my health and mistakes could happen, as it really was not sustainable.

Many of you already know my story but for those who don’t, being a make up artist was not something I have always dreamed of doing, the complete opposite in fact, I thought I would be in financial planning until I retire.  But when you expand your skills, start a hobby (which I did) and spend time outside of your day job doing something you thoroughly enjoy, embrace it, grab it with both hands and run like the wind!

Something changed the beginning of 2013, just after I’d wrapped up almost 50 weddings in 2012, I began to think about how much I dreaded that Monday morning alarm and much preferred waking to a 4.30 am call on a Saturday morning, I mean who does that?!

My business was going from strength to strength and I was networking hard with other suppliers, showcasing my work, sponsoring wedding blogs and with another 50 something weddings booked in for 2013 I had my projected income, so yes, this could work.

Leaving a secure (as well as you can expect) job with a great package and benefits as well as the most amazing group of individuals I had the pleasure of spending 40 hours a week with, was not the easiest of decisions to make.  Being financially independent with no husband or partner to share the household bills with or a trust fund to dip in to, it was all down to me.  Failure was not an option!

Now it’s not all 2 day working weeks and ladies that lunch, far from it, I work harder now than I ever did in my ‘previous life’ (Sorry Janet!) as this is me, all me and no one to fall back on and no drop of salary in my bank account at the end of each month.

My business is pretty much in every thought of every day, there is always something to think about, an email to action, social media posts to generate, newsletters, blog posts, accounts, the list is endless, not to mention how to be better, how to make my clients enjoy their experience even more, how to help people, it’s never ending.  But do you know something, as I write this post on a Sunday evening, there is no dread of the 7.00 am alarm call in the morning and being prompted about how many reports I am going to write that week and this is mine, all mine and I could not be happier.

My clients are weddings in the UK and I am extremely grateful to take my work overseas with destination weddings in France, young ladies starting their journey on skincare and make up, ladies (and gents) who are looking to promote their own business with a personal branding shoot, collaborative creative projects and education within schools, as well as assisting other creatives on their own personal journey, not to mention a sprinkling of TV work.

So tonight, as I write this post 3 years on from this event, I wish I could have reassured my 34 year old self who has just handed in her notice, it will be OK and you will never be happier! I’m a big believer when you create the space in your life, something even more spectacular and wonderful will take it’s place.  I am grateful each and every day for every client, opportunity and interaction that comes my way and I am very lucky to do something I love.

So to anyone who has a fire in their belly, a hobby they’d love to take to the next level or you just want to try a new challenge, do it! I can honestly say with my hand on my heart, I have not one single regret and neither will you, I’m sure!.

I’d love to hear your personal story and if you’d like a chat some time about anything, please do get in touch!


With much love to you.

Victoria x


  1. Ally Byrom

    What a beautifully written post, and so true. I’m so glad you made that step and I’m proud to call you my friend. You have excelled in your industry xx

  2. Jill Cole (Sanctuary Flowers)

    …. Beautiful … brought a tears to my eyes….

  3. Sabina Lorkin

    Lovely to discover your journey Victoria. Well done you for taking that big leap.

  4. Jessica KG

    A truly inspiring story Vic! It’s never easy stepping away from what you know & outside of that comfort zone but I’m so pleased that you found your calling and turned your passion into a profession.
    Jessica KG xx


  5. Catharine Noble

    Beautiful words and I’m so happy to read about your story, success and happiness Victoria! Much love xo

  6. Jo

    Can you believe its my one year anniversary next week?? Lovely blog!! xxxx

  7. Chrissie

    For Ever proud of you darling friend, needed these words right now to start my new chapter too ❤️

  8. Julia Jane

    Inspiring, thanks for sharing Vicki! x



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