Goodbye 2018, Hello 2019

2018….whizzed by in a flash!


So many high’s and a couple of lows (but you can’t keep me down for long!) and here we are cracking the whip of 2019 already.  As I look back to over an incredible 2018, many things have happened both personally and professionally, so I thought I’d share a few things with you, as I have been a little ‘quiet’ on the blog and social media.


F Stop Brand Photography

So what happened in 2018?

First up, you’ll see that the site has been given a HUGE make over, which has been a labour of love.  I think since I started this several months ago, not only have I evolved personally, but I also think brand Farr has too.  I don’t regret taking my time, in fact, I’m glad I did, as things have evolved so much in the last 6 months.

At the start of my business many years ago, I kinda gauged my success on the number of weddings I carried out, with some years clocking in excess of 70.  Over the last couple of years, this hasn’t been a measure, in fact, it’s quite the opposite.  I’m over the moon at the number of brides I’ve had the pleasure of working with this year! So many happy memories from being in Castles, Tippee’s, Stately Homes and en France too, it’s been utterly incredible! Forever grateful that I get to call this my work.


Pholio Photographie


2018 also saw the birth of The Wedding Vibe which was the brain child of Shelly Mantovani, now if you’ve not seen it, you should take a look at our You Tube channel.  It’s everything wedding related, but without the fluff.  Plans for this project will take us to France in 2019, so keep your eyes peeled and have a watch at what we’re up to!

Chatting to Lynnie from Stems Design Taken by Ian Wallace Photography

New Look

This new site, I couldn’t have done without Ian, he has the patience of a Saint.  I’m thankful that we don’t live close by, as I think he would have dug me an early grave whilst constructing this work of art!  And to Shelly who is very good at the words and gives a very much needed kick up the behind from time to time.  You two get BIG LOVES AND THANKS!

As I said, it’s been a labour of love and months in the construction, but I know the new site is more ‘me’ or maybe I should say more ‘Vick’.  It’s almost 5 years since my old site went live and I think back to where I was in business at that point and as an individual.  I’d been fully self-employed for almost a year and I’d had 2 excellent first years in business.  Since then, things have grown from strength to strength, but without a couple of bumps along the way.  Knowing who to trust, where the business should be going and also who I want to attract going forward.  I love the fact that you have to keep growing, moving forward or else you will stagnate.

I’m utterly in love with the site and so proud of what has been created!

Leftbank Wedding photography yorkshire, Toast

Shelly Mantovani at Toast

Thank you’s

Without the incredible work of the photographers I get the chance to work with, there would be no awesome images for you to see, which of course we all wanna look at the pretty, right?  I’ve made a whole post saying thank you to those guys.  Seriously, cannot thank you enough for your support.


It’s been a heck of a ride the last 18 months.  If you’ve seen any of my social media or chatted to me in person, you’ll know I was diagnosed with an ovarian cyst and endometriosis in November 2017.  It was a rough 6 months of being misdiagnosed, I was told it was either IBS or bad periods (but a woman knows her body and I knew something was ‘off’).  After pushing the doctors following two visits to A&E, a scan revealed the 9cm (benign) cyst attached to my right ovary.  A course of meds began early in the New Year, as the operation to remove it had to be cancelled due to winter ward closures.  Thankfully it was operated on in November and I feel like I’m getting back to a happier and much healthier me.

I’ll be documenting my ‘endo’ journey in a post, as so many people have asked me about it and it’s actually a really common thing in women, so I thought I’d share my story soon.

Turning 40 in the Summer was actually pretty epic, despite my health issue, with a good 6 months of celebrations, trips and experiences (still a few to tick off of the list too!) and being surrounded by my awesome mates and wonderful family, it was a bit bloody marvellous!

Victoria Farr

F Stop Brand Photography

What’s occurring in 2019 then?

With the new site launched, my health getting back on track, I feel like 2019 is going to be super special and actually quite epic for many reasons.

Weddings will always be my main focus and I will to continue to strive on providing the best in luxury bridal experiences both in the UK and for destination weddings.  I’m also really happy to be back in France in 2019 with 6 glorious destination weddings, working alongside some of my fave industry colleagues.  My UK weddings will continue to flourish and I’m seeing more winter and mid-week weddings too with December being on par with my Summer wedding schedule in 2018!

I mentioned earlier about The Wedding Vibe project I’m working on with Shelly and Ian which is taking us to France this month!  We will continue to bring all kinds of wedding vibe shizzle to you throughout the year, so keep your eyes peeled on our social media or drop us a subscribe on our You Tube channel.

To keep me sane, I do believe Glastonbury is on the cards and a snowboarding trip will be happening, as well as the #40thingsat40 list to keep going at.

So all I want to say now is to wish you a very Happy, Healthy and oh so bloody awesome 2019!!

Much love

Vick x


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