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Be honest! We all have them! As a Make Up Artist, I know we have habits that we should definitely say farewell to.  But our make up comfort zone keeps us nice and cosy, so we stick to what we know, right?

As a wedding make up artist, I have worked on 100’s of beautiful faces over the years.  Young and old, everyone has their own way of doing their make up.  I get that.  But when you make a little change here and there, the results can be life changing and make you feel just a tad amazing!

Estee Lauder once said ‘Glow is the essence of beauty’.  The definition of glow is ‘a steady radiance of light’.  As a make up artist, I believe that radiance comes from within, as well as what we put on our faces.  As you know, I’m not into the instaglam glow look with shiny noses and highlighted cheek bones you can see from 50 paces.  I’m about enhancing those beautiful freckles, laughter lines and natural radiance of your beautiful face.  Whatever your age!  Looking good, makes you feel good and then you glow, knowing you look pretty damn amazing!


Mature Ladies & 40’s Fashionistas Make Up – by a Make Up Artist


Working with ladies of all ages, but particularly those a mature age or even the growing trend of 40 plus (me included!) fashionistas, getting the make up right is key.  It starts with a good skin care routine, no face wipes! Put those in the bin stat!  And give your lovely face some love.  Do you want to know where to start, take a read of my post here on face cloths and cleansers.  Moisturise every day and use an SPF (another post on that coming up soon) its never too late to look after your skin.   Once you have your canvas, it’s time to get to work!

I’ve tried to show you some of some make up pet peeves (left).  Then on the right, is another way of applying your make up, if you want to of course!  Make up is such a personal thing, but if you’re ready to make some changes, here’s some ideas to get you started!



  • Get the foundation colour right. Check the colour in natural light.
  • If it’s too heavy, mix in some moisturiser to give you a lighter coverage, really great idea for Summer .
  • Less is more with powder.  If you need it, apply sparingly where required, as this can sit in fine lines.


  • Apply liquid highlighter on the top of the cheeks (under your foundation) is delicate and discreet and looks wonderful, as the light naturally catches it.  Especially if this is for a wedding day and the photographs will pick this up lovely.  Powder highlight can be too much and sparkly and sit on top of the make up, ensure it is super fine is key.
  • Pop of colour! A pop of colour can knock years off you! Cream or liquid work really well on mature skin.  Some of them can be a dual product and used on the lips too – win win!
  • Bronzer is to be used sparingly, to add some warmth to the face, or emulate where the sunshine would catch up, giving a lovely glow.


  • Shimmer shimmer no no.  Applying the shimmer all over the lild will highlight and accentuate all the wrong things for mature eyes.  Hooded lids, crapey skin and fine lines.  Matt colours work better.  Ditch the shimmer on the brow bone too, this is quite dated.  On the right side of the image, I have used a slick of liquid highlight on the brow bone so the light will catch that discreetly.  Also the inside corner, which opens up the eye a little too.
  • Liner on the water line, is a big no for me.  The picture shows how this make the eye appear smaller and closed.  If you want definition on the bottom, use a small amount of pencil or shadow instead and soften with a cotton bud or thin brush.
  • Mascara.  Black only, no clumps or spider legs please.   Using the mascara from the root of the lash to the tip will give the illusion of fuller lashes.  Brush through the mascara with a clean wand or your ring finger to distribute the product to ensure it doesn’t go clumpy.


  • Don’t forget them.  Even if they are just groomed and a slick of clear mascara over the top to give definition and to tame them.
  • Pencil and powder are a good shout so they don’t look too fake.  On the left I didn’t touch them, but on the right, I popped on some powder to the mid/tail to define.


  • Add some colour!
  • If you don’t like the outline of your own lips, as they do become smaller as we get older (such joy!).  Pat on some colour with your finger instead of taking it straight from the bullet.  Outline will be softer.  Quite an editorial way to wear lippy.
  • Heather Shimmer has to go! A staple in the 90’s but this texture and colour tone can age us.  So get some colour on!


I hope this has given you a gentle kick up the derrière to revamp your make up routine and you’re on your way to looking the best you ever have!

You know I’m here if you need any help or if you fancy booking your own masterclass, drop me a message.  Getting hitched? We can chat about your wedding make up, or check my availability NOW or to book your FREE consultation you can do that here.

Catch you soon!

Vick x





  1. Pamela Doherty

    Thanks Victoria. Can you just do my make up every day, like you did my wedding make up. I do find it hard to get my makeup right, so really value your advice like this. Helpful and digestible snippets. Thank you. Hope you’re well. Pamela

    • Victoria

      Hey Pam!

      I would LOVE to do your makeup every day lovely! I remember our time together the morning of your amazing wedding day!
      Pleased you enjoyed the post and as you know, I’m here for any help you need.
      Much love to you and Mark


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