Effortless Make Up & Hair in 20 minutes or less

 Image by Ally Byrom Image by Ally Byrom

So, the choice is….brush your hair, pop on some mascara or attempt some kind of base as you are hurrying out of the door to start your day.  Whether that be in preparation for your 5am visit to the flower market, school run before heading into the office or an 8am client Skype meeting from the comfort of your own work space or home.

What do you end up doing?! In reality, a mixture of all three and saying under your breath ‘oh, that’ll do!’ and wondering if you have that Bridget Jones moment of too much blush as you continue to finish your make up on the train or at the traffic lights.  It doesn’t have to be like that.

 Image via Pinterest  Image via Pinterest

Over the years, I have met 100’s of woman and not one of them have the same hair style or complexion and I can assure you, we can ALL look effortless within 20 minutes or less without looking like we’ve just been dragged through a hedge backwards (sorry, a little bit of Yorkshire there.).

 Me, no filter most mornings Me, no filter most mornings

Some of the common questions I come across when chatting to ladies are; how to perfect the no make up make up look, effortless beach waves (that last all day) or a simple but quick chignon / up do for the office.  This is my passion and what I do for a living plus I love sharing my knowledge, hints and tips to help us busy ladies make the ‘every day’ just a little bit easier.

So, this week I have shared two films across my social media, admittedly they have been sped up x 6 but each look took less than 4 minutes.  Yes, I know this is my job and what I do, but who better to know your own face and hair than yourself!

For an investment of just £95 for a 2 hour private masterclass bespoke to you, you too can learn your every day make up regime and hair styling and look effortless for your client meetings, impromptu lunch with your friends or even a last minute date night with the other half.

Life is busy, I know this and when I have my alarm set for a 4am wake up call, the last thing I want to do is spend a lot of time in front of the mirror when i’d much prefer to be snoozing and I am sure you do too.

My theory is keep it simple and you cannot go wrong. We will discuss your ideas, concerns and really work together on achieving your desired hair and make up look and with practical advice and assistance, you will leave nailing it!

Come over to my home studio in Hull, East Yorkshire where I will be armed with tea, coffee (or Mimosa’s should you wish) and sweet treats as well as an abundance of knowledge waiting to be shared with you.


I look forward to meeting you soon!

Much love

Victoria x

 After a little attention with no filter, keeping it real. After a little attention with no filter, keeping it real.

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Well that was 2020 – Yorkshire Wedding Make Up Artist

Well that was 2020 – Yorkshire Wedding Make Up Artist

Whilst I know that we have all had some low times this year, and we’re not out of the woods just yet, I wanted to make sure I took the time to reflect on what went down and what I’m grateful for, cos that’s the kinda girl I am!

So, grab a cuppa and have a read!

Middleton Lodge Winter Wedding

Middleton Lodge Winter Wedding

An Intimate Winter Wedding was not on the cards for Claire and Rhyan. In fact is was their intention to marry in the Summer of 2020 surrounded by all their friends and family.

Despite two postponements, lady luck finally shone for them at Middleton Lodge on 20th December 2020.


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