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Yorkshire Make Up Artist Victoria Farr

Make Up Masterclass Yorkshire Make Up Artist

Happy Wednesday my loves!  Yesterday, I welcomed the lovely Vicki for a private make up masterclass, which she booked via my online booking system (it’s amazing BTW!).  Vicki chose a convenient time slot by seeing a live view of my schedule and promptly paid for her masterclass via the online payment facility.  Technology is brilliant, isn’t it!

Vicki arrived armed with just 5 make up products (not even in a make up bag), all of which are used for ‘special occasions’. Vicki is very much a natural gal and not one to wear make up, but as she’s reaching her next milestone birthday, she thought it’s time to get on this gravy train!

Make Up Masterclass for a busy working Mum

With two children who have lots of after school clubs and weekend activities and husband who works away for long periods of time, not to mention working as a teaching assistant.  Vicki wanted a make up routine that was quick, simple and most importantly, not to look ‘made up’ or feel like she was wearing make up.  BINGO!  You’re most definitely in the right place!

Vicki wasn’t brought up with make up, with a Mum who didn’t wear it either, very much like myself and this is difficult to know where to start when you step into the department store.  Every counter looks the same and overwhelmed with colours, products and latest trends!  Initially, Vicki was going to have a make up lesson with one of the big cosmetic brands, but I’m glad she found me.  I think that would have scared her half to death and not to bother with this make up thing any further.

Right or wrong products

As part of our consultation over a cup of tea, we chatted about what Vicki wanted from our two hour session.  We discussed her skin concerns, cleansing routine (or lack of) and then I took a look at the 5 products she brought with her.  After testing out the products, it was agreed that two were not right for her.  The texture and colour tone did not match what Vicki was wanting to achieve, as well as not feeling that nice on the skin!

If it doesn’t feel nice on your face, then don’t use it!

It’s all well and good wandering around Boots looking for something, but if you don’t know how to match your skin tone in NATURAL light, then you will waste money on the wrong products!

Skincare Advice

Based on her skin type, I gave Vicki a couple of easy tips that she should do, ie moisturising every day and cleansing the face every night, even when she’s not wearing any make up.  This will help nourish the skin and help her dehydration, thus making the make up look much better!

The foundation and primer were for oily skin and completely the wrong colour and texture, so we used one of my fave light/medium coverage foundations; Mac Face & Body.  Vicki loved how sheer this looked and you could still see her freckles (we love freckles!), plus it didn’t dry the skin out either.

Make Up Tips

Scared to use mascara as it looks too clumpy and hideous, Vicki was open to trying one of my faves from my kit; Max Factor Masterpiece in waterproof which she LOVED! Applied correctly, this coats your own lashes in a natural way and not look like spiders legs! I love the wand (not that I use that on my clients – hygiene!) as it’s narrow and plastic and distribute the product perfectly (I have this in my own make up bag).

Never one for eye shadow, i wanted to give Vicki the confidence to wear it, knowing the right colour palette for her eye colour and skin tone.  Vicki has the most beautiful eye colour and liked the shadows I used; Urban Decay Naked 3, focusing on the lighter shadows, but giving her the confidence to use the darker tones if she wanted.  Product and colour placement is super important, so not to look like a drag queen or like you have a black eye!


Practical Make Up Session

I’m a practical learner and as part of the session, we BOTH apply your make up in stages.  I do one side and then you do the other! Making notes as we go along and discussing how each product is applied and the reason why we do it in a specific way.  This is so much FUN and Vicki was impressed with how the finished make up looked!

Armed with a list of new products and a few brushes to buy and notes on how to use them, she is armed with everything she needs!

Time to invest in YOU

Fancy a chat about detoxing your make up bag, then CLICK HERE to book your session and pay online (securely!) or if you fancy a 2 hour One to One Make Up Masterclass to go over everything in one swoop then find out more HERE.  You’ll be armed with all the tips, tricks and bespoke application know how and what products and RIGHT for you.

Getting hitched? We can chat about your wedding make up, or check my availability NOW or to book your FREE consultation you can do that here.

See you again soon!

Much love

Vick x


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