Remove a limb or have emergency laser surgery….

This was Jenny’s dilemma earlier this week after deciding that her beautiful tattoo, that she loved so much, did not quite co-ordinate with her Ladies Day outfit, which caused quite the pickle! Jenny and I have known each other a few years now, so with my camouflage kit in hand, I was only to happy help!

The Power Of Make Up

Whilst make up artists can provide you with the best techniques on covering spots, small scars and pigmentation, there are specialist techniques and products you use to cover tattoos, scars, hyper pigmentation and port wine stains for example.  By using specific camouflage make up, coupled with the right technique, it can provide long lasting, water proof and flawless coverage.

Jenny and I spent an hour or so this morning and she kindly took some snaps whilst I was working and is very happy for me to share them with you, as she was over the moon with the results;

The great news for Jenny, is that the products are waterproof and will stay until she removes them with make up remover, plus if she showers (without wiping the covered area too much), the camouflage will last until the following day.  I’ve asked Jenny to give us some feedback on how she got on!

I also worked with the lovely Vicki recently on covering a tattoo (which is also on my website);

‘Victoria covered a tattoo on my arm for me and did a grand job. I know the longevity of cover cannot be guaranteed but I was amazed to find it was STILL covered after taking a bath. Very happy with the result and would certainly recommend this service if it is something you are considering’.

Specialist camouflage for tattoos, birth marks, pigmentation, burn scars and port wine stains are all within my training repertoire, which was carried out at Charles Fox in Covent Garden, working with members of the public, who had the aforementioned skin concerns they would like addressing.

We worked with one young girl with a severe burn mark down her leg that she had from being a child and another lady with hyper pigmentation on her forehead which occured during pregnancy and felt very

I love how the power of make up can  change someone’s life, even when it’s something as simple as wearing shorts and not hiding beneath long skirts or jeans.

So for my lovely bridal clients, if you are wearing a strapless gown and you do not want that arm or shoulder tattoo on show in your pictures or the ankle tattoo that does not quite match your beautiful bridal shoes or, the slight facial pigmentation that you would love evened out for your big day – I can help

If you’d like to know more about my camouflage services; whether for your wedding or special occasion, or to know more about having a lesson, please head to my contact page I’d love to chat about your requirements.

If you are a fellow make up artist and interested in learning these techniques, please register here for news and an upcoming camouflage course I am going to be running.

Bye for now

Victoria x




Well that was 2020 – Yorkshire Wedding Make Up Artist

Well that was 2020 – Yorkshire Wedding Make Up Artist

Whilst I know that we have all had some low times this year, and we’re not out of the woods just yet, I wanted to make sure I took the time to reflect on what went down and what I’m grateful for, cos that’s the kinda girl I am!

So, grab a cuppa and have a read!

Middleton Lodge Winter Wedding

Middleton Lodge Winter Wedding

An Intimate Winter Wedding was not on the cards for Claire and Rhyan. In fact is was their intention to marry in the Summer of 2020 surrounded by all their friends and family.

Despite two postponements, lady luck finally shone for them at Middleton Lodge on 20th December 2020.


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