Self Care September

Well hello September! I’m sure I’m not the only one to think this, but how the heck did that happen?

It has been a super wedding season for me (still several more beautiful brides to work with before the year is out), however, September is a slower pace and whilst I’ve been away on my travels, I’ve taken the time to really think about Self Care in a variety of ways.

Self care is something that I am really passionate about, which if you have ever had a conversation with me, you know that I chat openly about how we really must look after ourselves.  Now the thing is, if only I could take my very own advice.


Last month, I got ill, really ill, which doesn’t happen very often and I could not explain what caused it….tests at the doctors revealed nothing and I’m as healthy as a horse!  So, this lead me to think it’s down to stress (that dreaded word that I am not proud of saying out loud), I know what you’re thinking, how can I be stressed, I’m living the dream, right?

July and August was a super amazing time with lots of wonderful weddings and incorporating my love of travel (as well as turning 39!) which has also allowed me to read a couple of non fiction books that have been on my book shelf, for longer than I care to admit.  These books have given me plenty of food for thought along with my recent illness, HERE’S WHY.


Now this may come as a little bit of a shock for some, in that we are programmed to think about others before ourselves, me included, but when you watch the in-flight safety demonstration, you’re told to put your own life jacket on first – so that you can then help others once you have sorted yourself.  It’s not a selfish act, it’s looking after you and that you can give 100% of something, instead of 100% of nothing.

Now, as part of my last year in my 30’s, I have made a commitment to looking after myself more and generally be more mindful of how I treat my body and mind, so was born #40thingsbeforeim40 (but that’s another story, for another time!)


So for the next 4 weekends, I will be sharing with you ideas for self care that YOU can adopt and no, it’s not all incense sticks and yoga poses.  Although, you wouldn’t be here unless you wanted to make a difference to your self care, so let’s ease ourselves in gentle to begin with, all of which I will be doing myself, naturally;

  • When you wake – don’t immediately reach for your phone, give it 5 minutes.  If you need your alarm, pop it into flight mode or silent before you go to bed.  Those few minutes can ease you into a better start to your day, rather than being immersed into emails, Instagram notifications and a video on how to make a crème egg tray bake (yep I am guilty of this some mornings!).  Before you know it, you’ve lost 15 minutes and now running late.
  • Have a cup of hot water and fresh lemon as your first morning drink.  High in vitamin C (for boosting your immune system) and lemon is known for mood enhancing and energising properties!
  • Pop on your fave perfume or aftersshave.  Don’t save it for a special occasion, today is special and so are you.
  • Sing your favourite song, out loud! I am regularly found doing this in the car, this releases those happy hormones and can reduce tension.
  • Smile at one person today, that shizzle is infectious and can perk you up in an instant.

I’d love to hear how you get on, drop me a comment below or if you have a question, let me know!

I’m super excited for next weekends #selfcaresession as it involves my interview with one of the UK’s leading Cosmetic and Personal Care brands, as well as one of my very own idol’s….and I CANNOT WAIT to share this with you!

Much love and see you for the next #selfcaresessions

Victoria x


  1. Kathryn

    Self care is very important we are all guilty of rushing around missing what’s happening right under your nose we all need to slow down and breathe x

  2. Charlotte

    Love this! I can’t wait to read your #40thingsbeforeim40 too! ☺️



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