Self Care Sessions & Chat with Sam Farmer

This blog post is a LOT later than I actually intended to post (I’d actually written it weeks ago), mainly due to September incurring a spanner in the works after a trip to A&E and having to REST for a few days, the irony of #selfcareseptember right? Soooo, my apologies peeps, but I am feeling better and back on track, so here we go!

Ok ok…so September is whizzing by and the Indian Summer is nowhere to be seen, but you know something….how amazing it is to feel all warm and cosy as the evening’s are drawing in?

You’ll remember in my first session, I chatted about how our own self care is so important, as we cannot pour from an empty cup right?  Well, how did we do? Did you manage to give a smile to someone or sing at the top of your voice with a bit of car karaoke or waited another 5 minutes before picking up your phone this morning?  You did? That’s great news!

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But before we go into my next  #selfcaresession , I want to tell you all about the UTTER PLEASURE I had chatting with one of my skincare idols last week.  I was so excited that the brilliant Sam Farmer took time from his busy schedule to chat with me about his own self care and of course, his awesome skincare brand!  Plus he’s a fellow lover of my home town of Hull, City of Culture 2017, which makes me admire the guy even more!

 Sam Farmer Sam Farmer

I was introduced to Sam over the telephone a few years ago whilst working on a TV show with his wife Caroline Quentin and since then, I’ve been avidly watching this inspiring guy and his awesome brand.

Returning back to ‘school’ to study Cosmetic Science because he struggled to find something suitable for his teenage son and daughter in the personal care section, so he started his own range, specifically formulated for adolescent skin and hair – if you want to make something happen, you can right?

Following the launch of the brand, Sam now sits on the council of the Society of Cosmetic Scientists and a member of the Education Committee and the Schools Education Committee (Scrub up on Science) – so this guy knows his skincare stuff!  I’ll be sharing more of our chat in another blog post soon, so keep your eyes peeled for that.

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They say never meet your idols…but I did and it was brilliant. Here’s a snippet of my chat with Sam, who is so passionate about his work and the most down to earth guy I’ve had the pleasure of talking to.

We chatted about how we spent our respective weekends (amongst other things, which will all be in Part 2 of our chat) and I asked how he spends his time for his own self care and he told me how he enjoys exercise and drifting away to inspiring podcasts.

I’m so grateful for my chat with Sam and I hope you enjoy it too!

My interview technique still needs work and my editing could be smoother, but hey, I’m only human!

to read more about his Personal Care Range, click on this link

To continue with our self care sessions, here are my next 5 for you!


This weekend, I cranked it up even more on the ‘me time’ ….

  • Date Night – Make one night all about you, whatever that involves; watching Strictly, cooking, something delicious or just taking yourself to bed a little earlier.  For me, Saturday night was my date night, which involved these gorgeous things…..
  • Facial – Looking after your skin is super important, even more so now we head into colder weather and the joys of central heating drying out our delicate faces.  It can be as quick as 5 minutes.
  • Take a Bath – Why not throw in some essential oils to help enhance that self care even more.  My faves are Lavender (for stress relief and sleep enhancement), Sandlewood (great muscle relaxant) and Geranium (uplifting).
  • Light that candle – Create a relaxed environment with that candle you’ve been saving for a special occasion – you are special!
  • Read – Fiction or Non Fiction, whatever your fave, it’s just lovely to immerse yourself into a new book!

I’d love to hear how you get on, drop me a comment below or if you’ve a question, let me know!

Much love and see you soon for the next #selfcaresessions

Victoria x




Well that was 2020 – Yorkshire Wedding Make Up Artist

Well that was 2020 – Yorkshire Wedding Make Up Artist

Whilst I know that we have all had some low times this year, and we’re not out of the woods just yet, I wanted to make sure I took the time to reflect on what went down and what I’m grateful for, cos that’s the kinda girl I am!

So, grab a cuppa and have a read!

Middleton Lodge Winter Wedding

Middleton Lodge Winter Wedding

An Intimate Winter Wedding was not on the cards for Claire and Rhyan. In fact is was their intention to marry in the Summer of 2020 surrounded by all their friends and family.

Despite two postponements, lady luck finally shone for them at Middleton Lodge on 20th December 2020.


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