Summer’s Here – Sun Protection For The Face

Sun Protection for the face
Make Up Artist Victoria Farr

Dr Sams Daily Sunscreen

Summer’s here (well maybe an English Summer!) and it’s time to crank up the sun protection for the face!

Whether you’re heading to sunnier climbs or having a staycation, this post is a must read if you want to protect your face from UVA & UVB.  I’m not talking about about the SPF that’s in your moisturiser or foundation, I’m talking proper hardcore sun protection.

Whilst I’m no skincare specialist or dermatologist, I do know that we need to apply a decent level of sun protection.  The stuff that we just don’t get in our normal skin care and make up routines.  If we have a good canvas, then this will help your make up look better.  Plus anything that slows down the signs of ageing is a winner, right?!

Travelling with my job working on destination weddings and my love of snowboarding in the winter months warrant a good SPF.  Also, I’m starting to incorporate this into my daily skincare routine, cos I ain’t getting any younger!  I normally use a tinted SPF by La Roche Posay.  Sadly, this particular one is now discontinued and the new one, I don’t like so much.

Sun Protection For Your Face

I’ve been doing some research and over the last few weeks.  I’ve spent some time abroad and also in my garden (fence painting, oh the glamour!).  So it’s been the perfect opportunity to trial Dr Sam’s Flawless Daily Sunscreen.

I came across Dr Sam Bunting quite some time ago, who’s a cosmetic dermatologist.  I’ve never had (touch wood) troubled skin, but since beginning this job I’ve taken more of a vested interest in client’s skin and their overall wellbeing.  So when Sam launched her own Flawless Cleanser, I wondered what other products she would bring out in the future.  The Flawless Moisturiser followed and then the Flawless Daily Sunscreen earlier this year!

Dr Sam’s Flawless Daily Sunscreen

The sunscreen is the first of her products to try, but it has got rave reviews and I can see why.

This little beauty is a ‘broad spectrum’ sunscreen, which basically means that it covers both UVA and UVB rays under the FDA’s regulations and is factor 50.  As this is also created by a dermatologist, it’s great to know that there are good skincare properties in there too!

Dr Sam outlines;

An elegant, weightless daily shield for your skin, it performs beautifully under make-up, and won’t clog pores. It offers powerful protection against harmful UVA and UVB rays with 11.8% Zinc Oxide and 7% Octinoxate. 

It’s fortified with 5% Niacinamide, so it brightens and boosts skin whilst helping keep pores clear and skin calm. Think of it as a serum in a sunscreen – it even makes your skin more tolerant of retinoids. 

Suitable for all skin-types, including blemish-prone skin.

Also, Dr Sam say’s;

“Did you know that regularly wearing sunscreen can actually allow your skin to repair itself? So you’re not just maintaining the status quo – by wearing sunscreen on a daily basis, you’re actually improving the first signs of premature ageing. (That’s before you even get around to applying eye cream or a serum.)” [1]

This I LOVE!

Broad Spectrum Sunscreen

At first I was a little shocked at how much you are to apply.  3 pumps just for the face, but after looking ghostly and shiny for a few minutes the product absorbed into the skin.  I used Sam’s technique as outlined on her site with the help of a handy how to video and was pleasantly surprised at how this looked once settled.  I realise that I am fair skinned, but my skin didn’t look any paler.  If you’re a darker skin tone and tried it, let me know how you got on!

Big tip, it can look greasy if you get this too close to your hair line (not a pretty look).  I made sure everywhere was covered when I was sunbathing, hair line and my ears of course.  When I did a second application later, it went on exactly the same as the first time.  It didn’t feel heavy/greasy or have a ‘build up’.

Once settled, I then applied my make up.  It sat perfectly fine in the normal way I apply it and lasted all day.  It does give a slight dewy look to the make up, which I’m happy with, but if you’re a matt finish kinda gal, perhaps this one isn’t for you.  (I’ve another review coming up on another product for you matt fans).

Post make up application pic!

It’s a thumbs up from me

Overall, I’m happy with the product.  It gives me the correct texture on my skin (I don’t like anything too matt on my dehydrated skin) and if it gives me good sun protection for the face, whilst repairing my skin – i’m all in!

The cost is £29 plus P&P, which based on how much of the product you use, may be a little on the high side.  But, you only have one face and if it protects you from the harmful rays and daily pollution, it has to be worth it!


You know I’m here if you need any beauty help or if you fancy booking a beauty masterclass, drop me a message.  Getting hitched? We can chat about your wedding make up, or check my availability NOW or to book your FREE consultation you can do that here.

See you again soon!

Much love

Vick x

This is not an ad, I purchased the item myself and this is purely based on my own opinion and experience of the product on my skin.


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