You buy cheap, you buy twice – a true story

I want to tell you a funny story, which was prompted by an email I received this weekend from a bride to be.

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Jeans, I live and die in them.  I also love a cheeky purchase (from high street chain which shall remain nameless) as much as the next person.

Yes ok high street chain, your jeans don’t hold their shape for long, the zip comes down sometimes and so what if you give me a little pouch on the tummy when I sit down.   For the bargain price for a tenner, I can let these little things go, right?


Unfortunately, the last straw for this cheap and cheerful purchase was Halloween last year.   When I quite literally gave the ‘trick’ to all of my family at my sister’s house.  After a good half an hour of enjoying the Halloween party, my sister takes me to one side and says, ‘do you know you can see your knickers?’

Absolutely no idea what she meant, so I popped off to the bathroom to only find out that my jeans had frayed right across my bottom from the middle seam going outwards! It was like an 80’s Wham video kinda fray, so much so you could see my underwear like a venetian blind.  Absolutely horrified!  Thank goodness I chose the right underwear that evening and big thanks to my sis who kindly gave me another pair to wear.  Never again will I defer from my Topshop faves!

So what should you take from this story? You buy cheap, you buy twice.



I’ve had a several brides contact me recently, being let down by someone they booked months ago (right up to the week before the wedding, can you believe it!), or the trial didn’t go well at all for whatever reason.  Plus I hear plenty of stories of wedding mornings were the bride was late and rushed getting into the dress or having to put their own veil in.

Today was one of those days.  Towards the end of 2018, I was chatting to a bride ahead of her June 2019 wedding.  After much deliberation, she made the decision to go with someone else who was more in line with her budget.  So I was surprised to receive an email from her this morning.  She had booked someone else and sadly, the trial did not go well and realised she has made a mistake and expressed that ‘you get what you pay for’.  I was gutted to tell her that I was not available for her wedding due to another wedding in my schedule.  I really wish I could help everyone, but I can’t so, for the sake of a few extra pounds, get that date booked in!

There are many many wedding suppliers I know who eat, sleep and breathe this amazing life we get to call work.  Constantly working on our businesses, being a creative, being the best we possibly can be for our clients.  Passionate and authentic.


Here’s some of my wedding golden nuggets to think about;

  • Is their work, in line with the look you want to achieve.
  • Check reviews and personal recommendations.
  • What is their service like, what will they do for you on your wedding day and in the preparations?
  • Will they just turn up on the day or provide you with a consultation/trial and any help you need in the run up to the big day.
  • What happens if they cancel, will they give you a replacement artist or recommendations.  Check out their T&C’s or do they have a contract?
  • Check out their work on social media and most importantly do they have a website?
  • Have a Skype with them initially to see if you get on. People buy people and you have to trust them.

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Image by Joe Dodsworth Photography

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Until next time loves!

Vick x




  1. Susan farr

    Brilliant piece of advice

    • Victoria

      Thanks! I think so too x


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