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They say time flies when you’re having fun. So when Facebook memories popped up with ‘7 years ago today’ I remember like it was yesterday!

I’d just checked into Manchester airport to board a flight to Paris for my first destination client. First time to Paris, first destination client and I was hooked!


Be honest! We all have them! Make Up habits that we should definitely say farewell to.  But our make up comfort zone keeps us nice and cosy, so we stick to what we know, right?
But when you make a little change here and there, the results can be life changing and make you feel just a tad amazing!


Since celebrating a special birthday, Lindsey was determined to nail her make up look.  Not one for wearing a lot of make up and on some days, wearing none at all, she was a little apprehensive to start with, naturally.  By the end of the session, Lindsey quoted “it wasn’t scary like in the glossy make up areas in the shops!’


After a good half an hour of enjoying the Halloween party, my sister takes me to one side and says, ‘do you know you can see your knickers?’. It was like an 80’s Wham video kinda fray, so much so you could see my underwear like it was a venetian blind. 
What should you take from this story? You buy cheap, you buy twice.


It’s pretty rare that I am one of the first suppliers to be booked once the venue has been secured for a wedding.  I’m a little further down on the list after the photographer, caterer and florist. 
So when the flippin’ awesome Lauren called me up for a chat, a good 18 months before the big day before, I knew this oh so organised bride and I were going to get on! 


Feb’s Fab Five Beauty Tips

February 19, 2019

Yes my loves, as promised, I am back with my next top five golden tips to make your face happier and life a little sweeter.
The slight smell of Spring and the glorious Winter sun have been this month’s prompts, as well as my top Secret Santa gift and recent snowboarding holiday.

So let’s crack on shall we?


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Make Up Bag Detox

Make Up Bag Detox

Does your mascara smell weird? Guilt tripped into keeping that shimmer eye shadow? Or you’d love to wear a red lipstick but unsure if the colour you have is right.  Then I can help with my brand new service – The Make Up Bag Detox!

Spending just 30 minutes with me in the comfort of your own home over FaceTime, Whats App or Skype, armed with a G&T or a brew in your comfies.  We’ll go through what to keep, what to ditch and what to introduce (if we need to), so you have the key make up items for day and evening looks.

Cool Marquee Wedding in Yorkshire

Cool Marquee Wedding in Yorkshire

At every trial, I always ask my brides about their dress and it’s not just because I’m interested.  Before a make up brush has touched your freshly cleansed face, I’ve got the low down on your own personal style and how to translate this to your wedding day bridal style.


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