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Make Up Habits – The good versus the bad

Make Up Habits – The good versus the bad

Be honest! We all have them! Make Up habits that we should definitely say farewell to.  But our make up comfort zone keeps us nice and cosy, so we stick to what we know, right?
But when you make a little change here and there, the results can be life changing and make you feel just a tad amazing!

Make Up Masterclasses  – Mum & Me

Make Up Masterclasses – Mum & Me

Since celebrating a special birthday, Lindsey was determined to nail her make up look.  Not one for wearing a lot of make up and on some days, wearing none at all, she was a little apprehensive to start with, naturally.  By the end of the session, Lindsey quoted “it wasn’t scary like in the glossy make up areas in the shops!’


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