As a Make Up Artist, the most frequently asked question by my bridal clients, other than what is my ‘must have’ make up product, is what is my favourite make up brush!

If you’re looking to introduce a brush or two into your make up bag, take a look at my top 5 must have brushes!

What to look out for


When shopping for make up brushes, I like to touch and feel how they are on the skin, how they move and importantly, how I can utilise them in my kit and with my clients.  I’d rather have 10 amazing brushes that do exactly what I want, than 30 that I don’t use and will be just extra items to carry (the kit is large enough).

It is definitely quality over quantity!


Best of the best


Now I’ll be honest, this was not an easy task to do, as I LOVE all my make up brushes at they all have a job to do.  If I had to choose which 5 to take on a desert island, it would be these beauties.

The latest edition to the kit bag is the Zoeva Face Shape Brush (110) which I use to apply liquid foundations and concealers to really blend and push the product into the skin.  Other uses are to apply liquid highlighters (my current fave is Charlotte Tilbury’s Wonder Glow) and cream blushers (Daniel Sandler Watercolour Blush, which I LOVE), all perfect for this brush.  Especially, when I am working with UK and Destination Brides who want their product to last all day (and night) long!

Next up is another from Zoeva concealer/buffer brush (142), I’ve had this for a LONG time and it just soldiers on time and time again! Excellent for working around the nose and mouth to blend the product, as well as under the delicate eye area.

For perfect placement of blush, sculpting and highlighting I love the MAC 168 Angled Contour Brush .  I primarily use this brush for powder products, which feels super soft on the skin and you have full control of the product instead of something that is super big or fluffy that spread’s on the skin.

Another MAC fave of mine is the MAC 217 Blending Brush which I use for 99% of my eye shadow application.  Its’ bristles are stiff enough to hold product and place on the eye lid, but also soft enough to blend.  This is also great for pressing and blending concealer under the eyes or on areas whereby more coverage is required.  Also works great damp when pressing loose pigment onto the lid.

Lastly, I have struggled for a long time with finding the perfect lip brush, but the Louise Young LY26  brush, which is actually marketed as a concealer brush works perfectly for the placement of lip products.  Giving precision but also wide enough to blend the product.

I’ve put together a short film on the brushes and how I use them with my clients.

Top 5 Make Up Brushes Post from Victoria Farr on Vimeo.

I don’t have to replace/replenish my brushes very often, which is a sign of good quality products and taking care of them.

I’ll be writing my next post sharing my brush cleaning tips and techniques to ensure longevity with your tools, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled!

Speak to you again soon!

Victoria x

*I am not affiliated or recommended by a cosmetic brand, these are just my thoughts and opinions on what I like to use*

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Well that was 2020 – Yorkshire Wedding Make Up Artist

Well that was 2020 – Yorkshire Wedding Make Up Artist

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Middleton Lodge Winter Wedding

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Despite two postponements, lady luck finally shone for them at Middleton Lodge on 20th December 2020.


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