Cloth or no cloth…that is the question!

Baby wipes, cleansing water, cotton pads, face wipes, make up remover, cleansers…the list is endless for what we can actually use to remove our make up.  I’m always asked by my clients what is the best thing to do each day…..

I say keep it simple!  Face wipes are quick and easy to use, easy to dispose and can be used anywhere.  Also true that I have them in my kit for emergencies and quick removal of make up for my clients BUT for a skin care regime to be WEDDING DAY ready, this is not going to cut it.

Most of my adult life I have used a cream cleanser (not one for facial washes as I have very dehydrated skin) and cotton pads to remove my make up and my skin never really felt clean enough.  Plus I discovered a few years back I have a slight allergy to cotton and I wasn’t sure if this actually applied to cotton pads….I also found out that I have allergies to some skin care ingredients and what a welcome to my 30’s!  So I felt the need for a complete overhaul as I wanted to make sure that my skin was in the best condition it could possibly be.

I love my Mum and her little ways, especially washing morning and night with a flannel (wash cloth) and baby soap, she has never been one for products and never really wore much make up, slick of mascara maybe and a pale lipstick.  She’s now in her early 60’s and looks great for her age (but I am biased maybe!).  So I got to thinking maybe there is something in the old fashioned ways of cleaning your face?!

After some trial and error with a muslin cloth, I eventually found that traditional wash cloths worked best for me as I can use a fresh clean one every time I cleanse….these don’t have to break the bank either, Primark sell them for just a few pounds for a pack of 4, so you can keep several at the ready and throw them in the wash once a week!

Just a few little steps to take;

  • Use the cleanser on dry skin (unless the product specifically needs water to emulsify), massage well and really work it into the skin, take your time.
  • Have warm water running from the tap to wash the hands and then dampen the wash cloth, ring out and place on the face and remove the product, including the neck area.
  • Never fill the bowl with water and dunk the cloth into it – always have clean fresh water.
  • Double cleanse if necessary, then moisturise as normal

Whilst removing the product, the cloth also gives a little facial massage and exfoliation, leaving skin super smooth – winner!

Thanks for reading, any questions or feedback, I’d love to hear from you.

See you next time!

V x




Rise Hall Winter Wedding

Rise Hall Winter Wedding

There’s something magical about winter weddings. I don’t know if it’s the beautiful evening light or the subtle intimacy that candlelight brings. Whatever it is, I LOVE it! Hayley and Richard’s Rise Hall Winter Wedding ticked every one of those boxes.


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