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Look who’s back! Yes my loves, as promised, I am back with my next top five golden tips to make your face happier and life a little sweeter.

If you were hiding under a rock and missed January’s Top 5 tips, take a little read here.

The slight smell of Spring and the glorious Winter sun have been this month’s prompts, as well as my top secret Santa gift and recent snowboarding holiday.

So let’s crack on shall we?



At Christmas, my friends and I did a (not so) secret Santa when we actually asked our nominated gift receiver if there is anything they would like.  Totally defeats the object I know, but I received one particular gift that I didn’t actually wish for and well, I was a tad over the moon with it.

I drink a lot of water when I’m in my office and my lovely friend Sara nailed it completely with my ‘keeps things chilled’ water bottle.  It also keeps hot stuff hot.  Some days I barely move from my Macbook, so to have this quite marvellous bottle keeping my water chilled is a bloody godsend!  Nothing worse than drinking lukewarm water.  Also, you’ll no doubt see me rocking this out during bridal prep to keep hydrated!

So here we go, tip number 1.  Get yourself one of these bottles so you can drink more water (skin and the body will LOVE you for it) and have the bottle with you on the move and during your work day.  A lot of stores sell these, so you don’t need to spend a fortune.  Find one that looks good or maybe even a positive quote on the side (like mine).




Last month I suggested ditching the wipes and giving your face some TLC with face cloths; better for your face and also the environment.  So I’m continuing on this theme with making little changes to your routine and it’s now time to replace the cotton pad with these bad boys!

I’ve introduced these into my own skincare routine, as I use a separate remover for my eye make up which I use with a cotton pad.  These work in the exact same way as the face cloths, use once and then whack in the washing machine to return as good as new!

I found these washable organic cotton pads on Amazon  and I’ll be introducing them into my kit very soon too!




‘I’ll be ok, it’s cloudy and there’s no sun’

Yes, we’ve all said it, me included, but you know that the sun can be harmful on the cloudiest of days and even in winter when it’s oh so cold and that wind is biting at your face!  A lot of moisturisers and foundations contain some level of SPF, which is great, but we do need a greater level of protection.  Protecting us from the nasty melanoma and also we don’t want to age our gorgeous faces prematurely.

Suncream that can be worn on it’s own or under make up is a good idea, here’s a couple of my faves and those that I used whilst on my snowboarding holiday earlier this month;


La Roche-Posay Anthelios XL Ultra Comfort Tinted BB Cream                   Heliocare 360 Gel Oil Free Sun Protection

I would look for something that is specific for the face and not just normal sun cream that you would apply to the body.  These sunscreens have skincare properties in them and designed specifically for the face.




Stuck in a hair rut? Easily done I know.  So this month why not trying something new, I don’t mean chop off your hair or change your hair colour (well unless you really want to!).

Time to change it up a bit!

  • Centre parting? Change it to a deep side parting, or vice versa.
  • Always have poker straight hair? Give it some texture and add some waves to it.
  • Wear it down? Try pinning a bit back or give yourself a textured ponytail.

Be brave, experiment and have fun.  Want any guidance, give me a shout, I run bespoke masterclasses on this kinda thing you know!




Ok, we’ve spoke about protection for the face, but also don’t forget your mush!

Some lipsticks have protection in them, but I would 100% recommend a lip balm that contains at least SPF 30.  Again, to prevent premature ageing but also, protection from the sun (and elements) which can cause the lips to blister (which is nice isn’t it!).  Also, if you’re prone to cold sores, the outbreaks can be triggered by exposure to sun and cold wind, so the balm could keep these at bay too.

Whatever you do, DO NOT use normal lip balm that has no protection in it if you’re in the sun or on the mountain knee deep in powder.  Absolutely pointless and actually causing more damage in the long run.

Most sun care brands sell their own lip balm.  I use one of these daily and also when I’m in the sun or strapped to my snowboard.

If your lips are dry and need some nourishment, try the Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Lip Protectant, (it has SPF 15 too) used at night time to give the lips some lovin.



My tips you can get cracking with for the next month and for the rest of the year!  I’ll be back again soon with some more helpful tips, but if you need any help or if you fancy booking your own hair masterclass, drop me a message.

Let me know how you get on.

Much love!

Vick x





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